Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Genius Maker #95

I have not been able to post as my schedule has been real crazy, but I wanted to make a few comments:

1) As we enter tonight's games against Texas, I get the feeling the Yankees don't want to put their best foot forward. Starting berkman against a lefty, benching Posada (I know they say he had a sore shoulder, but one day is not enough to rest a sore shoulder and I think Girardi wanted Cervelli to catch Burnett). BTW, Posada should DH against the lefty then and put Thames in the field. Tex makes $125k a game yet will miss two games (I know it is a birth of his son and in most every day life that should get precedence - and probably here too - but at that much money there are some sacrifices you must make). Kearns is a better option offensively than Granderson, but I think it is pretty clear from facing some lefties in key spots we need one more Thames on the team to avoid the matchup issues we have...although Kearns isn't bad.

2) Gardner is REALLY struggling. He is just frozen with the bat on his shoulder far too much. I think he is very valuable and his defense has been great, but he could use a blow here and there...I still like him long term and feel he is valuable.

3) Granderson is just not getting it done early and the Yanks now realize he is not the answer against lefties. Time to quite his swing (ala Swish) and let his natural talent crush righties

4) I haven't liked a ton of Girardi's decisions, and I will leave it at that, with the exception of how about trying a squeeze once? Cervelli up against a righty or Granderson against a lefty screams squeeze. How about trying just once?

5) Robby Thompson really is a bad 3rd base coach and should be fired after the season, he just doesn't get it.

6) Jeter was slow on a few plays and that cost them one game. While he should have bunted, I am not sure any leadoff hitter in the league would have been doubled off on the Cano stealing play. Jeter also went into the hole to get the soft grounder in extra innings the other night and needed to charge the ball rather than playing it cost Rivera and the Yanks

7) Speaking of Rivera, I would not say he wasn;t sharp as he allowed a grounder that most SS's would have made and a 45 hopper that somehow got through the right side and barely made the OF. Walking Cruz to load the bases was a dumb idea and it looked worse when Rivera fell behind 3-0 and had to groove a few. That is the only area that Rivera was not sharp...those 3 pitches. It happens and I was actually surprised he was in the game and I would not have brought him in until after Kerry Wood pitched.

8) The umpiring has been AWFUL. Some of the curve strikes to Gardner were the worst calls I have seen by an ump in a long time. One crossed Gardner's chin. In the 2-1 loss to Boston the umpiring really favored us, but the other night it was against us; either way it was awful.

9) Overall, we will pull out of this funk, we are too good.

10) These two lefties against Texas are what concerns me in a 5 game series. With out lineup in flux, I am not optimistic for tonights game...Vazquez is OK but this Texas lineup looks like they are better against slop...I hope I am wrong.

I will blog again Friday


  1. I agree on all, b ut you also forgot one thing. I love Swisher and all that he brings, but what the hell was he doing not destroying the catcher on the play to home? The little things in the game are KILLING them! He had Molina dead to rights to knock the ball loose, instead he dances around then smiles at him! WTF put a skirt on him while your at it. OLD SCHOOL IS OVER!!! That possible 1 run could have been the difference!

  2. Posada doesnt pinch hit for Cervelli last night, because his shoulder was aching! But he can catch an play the next game? WTF again Gerardi?

  3. Might as well get another bitch off my mind! I have alot Steve, you havent been around here lately. How in the hell do 3 guys strike out with the bases loaded and dont even put the ball in play? LIKE I SAID EARLIER THE LITTLE THINGS ARE KILLING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Since I'm talking about the "little things". How about Posada and his little league run down? Pathetic! No more comments.... DISGUSTED!