Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Genius Maker #91

ARod has done it! 600 HR's for Captain Clutch (as I started to call him this when everyone thought he was a choker in the playoffs). All I know is that I hope he can stay healthy and play better than he has thus far this year because we have him for a lot of years on his deal. I said the last 2-3 years would be an albatross and I have no idea why we gave him those extra dollars/years as we were negotiating against ourselves, but I was all for signing him and I expect him to perform better than this year!

Congratulations ARod, only the greatest player of all time, Babe Ruth had reached 600 HR's in less games (I believe ARod was the youngest to get to 600 though)

Tuesday night, Moseley pitched pretty well. If Jeter didn't double clutch and make a bad throw on a relay going home Moseley would have been spared 3 runs. It didn't matter though as the Yanks offense did nothing against a good lefty. This is also why it scares me playing Texas in a 5 game series and why I wanted a guy who hits lefties (NOT Kearns who doesn't hit lefties). It looks like the Yanks realize (finally) that they should have been platooning Granderson since day 1. They should have read this blog from the beginning and we would have saved a lot of time (including the wasted signing of Randy Winn)...but at least they are coming around.

Berkman his some shots today, but right at guys. The story was ARod who wasn't able to give a fan a lucky souvenir, but at least the hoopla is over. Hughes struggled but got through the game and Joba actually hit 98 on one pitch. That is great to see. As usual Rivera did his job including the last guy who was sawed off so bad he hit a weak little blooper back to Rivera to end the is a pleasure (and a treat) watching the greatest ever!

Now we have 4 against Boston. I want 3 out of 4 because anyone who thinks Boston is done isn't paying attention to how injured they were/are. With the injuries there is only one team who has a better record them outside of TB and the Yankees and that is SD by 1 game. We need to bury them if we can.


  1. Yeah Yeah congrats to A-rod, but I will always be luke warm with him. He has always been a DIVA! You are right the Babe is the KING and always will be. Read a biography of him be Kee Montville and you will love him more. The Babe never used PEDs, he mostly had done things that took away from his game..... BEER! The Babe would also been a HOF pitcher too....check his stats only Walter Johnson had better numbers, but Babe always beat him head to head! A-Rod DIVA!

  2. That was Lee Montville my typing sucks.

  3. I don't think ARod is a diva and the PED's don't really tarnish much to me because ARod was always great. It is not like Sammy Sosa who was ordinary and then all of a sudden became huge and great. ARod also didn't seem to take them very long and has been great without them. Baseball is at fault for not caring/monitoring...Players always took something on the field, even Ruth as they took amphetamines or uppers...that being said, Ruth is still the greatest of all time.

  4. Read the Book about Ruth, he is by far my fav athlete and he didnt take amphetamines...Oh and other good books are "Shadow of Lies" about Bonds and McGuire and SOSa....Canseco's second book is alot about A-Rod....Yes he took them alot longer than he says. Everybody crucifies Canseco and his books, but everything in them became true. You need to read them.

  5. Sorry the book i believe was "Game of Shadows"